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Delhi, Deli

Delhi, Deli

Comedy | English | 125 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions

Cast & Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Lou Martini, Jr., Samantha Bowen


Lou Martini, Jr.


When NY Bookie and Deli owner, Anthony Danza, wrongfully gets blamed for shooting a mobster at a local poker night, he uses the help of his neighborhood newsstand operator, Rasheed, and goes on the lamb to Delhi, India. Upon meeting Rasheed’s family, he has an immediate connection with Rasheed’s niece, Amal, who helps him open an Italian Deli close to their home. After a series of mistaken identity encounters (folks thinks he’s the actor from Taxi), people seem more interested in a picture op than buying Anthony’s provolone and the Deli goes belly up. Thinking he knows organized crime well, he tries to fit in with the local mob but is a total fish out of water. Struggles ensue and hilarity follows. He makes misstep after misstep and has a series of comical near death encounters. Meanwhile, back home, his cohorts continue to try to clear his name but the Mob Boss’ henchmen are hot on his trail and soon show up in India. By the time Middle East Mob meets East Coast Mob, there have been several dance numbers, and plenty of laughter to go around. Eventually, after Anthony’s name is cleared as well as the smoke of the rival Mobs showdown, Anthony heads back to NY with his new wife Amal and returns to his roots with a new eatery … aptly called … Delhi, Deli.

Current Status:

* Financing Needed

**Early Development – 1st draft - Seeking


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