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Action/Adventure | | 113 minutes


Palisades Park Pictures

Cast & Crew


Neil Marshall


Sean Pertwee, Colm Meaney, Philip Winchester


Get ready for a pulse-pounding, action-packed adventure with DUCHESS! This gritty, high-octane thriller takes you into the treacherous world of diamond smuggling, where the notorious and tough-as-nails "Duchess" fights for her life. Played by the stunning Charlotte Kirk, this anti-heroine will have you on the edge of your seat as she navigates a world of danger and deception.

With stunning visuals brought to life by the talented cinematographer Simon Rowling (known for LEGACY OF LIES), and jaw-dropping costumes by the renowned Mária Fáter (INFINITY POOL and THE RECKONING), DUCHESS brings glamour and eroticism to the screen like never before. Featuring immersive action scenes, epic sets, and a breakout performance from Charlotte Kirk, DUCHESS is the thrill ride of the year that you simply cannot miss!

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