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Chaos and the Spark

Chaos and the Spark

Drama, Road Movie | English | 90 minutes


The Nancy Boy Corporation

Cast & Crew


Sebastiano Pigazzi


David Hemphill


Damian Overton


Evan Evagora, Mario Cantone, Ed Cali, Alex Barone, Scott Mun, Azizi Donnelly, Jerry Dixon


The film explores the relationship between a once close group of twenty something friends who have been separated by their impending adult lives. The friends are pulled back together when one of them goes completely off grid. As they unite to help a friend, old wounds come to the surface. Through a short road trip to an old family property this group of friends will navigate the ways in which to help a friend and in turn reignite old friendships.

Helmed by acclaimed director Sebastiano Pigazzi (And Just Like That, The Offer, Time Is Up) and with an epic cast attached, this film is bound to be a festival and art house breakout. LGBTQ+. Scheduled to begin production spring 2024.

Completion Year