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Enys Men

Enys Men

Horror | English | 91 minutes


Protagonist Pictures

Cast & Crew


Mark Jenkin


Denzil Monk


Mark Jenkin


Mary Woodvine, Edward Rowe


From the visionary mind of BAFTA-winning British auteur Mark Jenkin comes ENYS MEN, a mind-bending horror wrapped in a uniquely cinematic experience.

In 1973, on an uninhabited, windswept, rocky island off the coast of Cornwall in southwest England, an isolated middle-aged woman (Mary Woodvine) spends her days in enigmatic environmental study. When she’s not tending to the moss-covered stone cottage in which she lodges, her central preoccupation is a cluster of wildflowers at cliff’s edge, their subtle changes noted in a daily ledger. Yet she’s also increasingly haunted by her own nightmarish visitations, which seem both summoned from her own past and brought up from the very soil and ceremonial history of this mysterious place. Shot on enveloping, period-evocative 16mm, this eerie, texturally rich experience from Cornish filmmaker Mark Jenkin conjures works of classic British folk horror but remains its own strange being, a genuine transmission from a weird other world.

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