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Ever Victorious

Ever Victorious

| | 93 minutes


Beijing Reliable Media Co., Ltd



During the Warring States period, there was a village called Yao Village in the southern border area State of Tan. One day, Chivalry Ge Dongli went back home and found that the whole villagers have been killed, his father also died among them. Since then, Ge Dongli stepped on the road of revenge. Ge Dongli discovers that the murderer behind the scene is State of Tan's most respected general - Yu Wu. It turned out that Prince of State of Tan had been sent to the State of Yue as a hostage three years ago. Three years later, State of Tan, under the leadership of General Yu Wu, became stronger and stronger. When General Yu Wu was preparing to attack the State of Yue, an assassin of the State of Yue found a secret passage leading to State of Tan - the Yao Village, while assassinating General Yu Wu and fleeing. In order to let this secret passage become secret forever, Yu Wu general had to order to kill the village. In front of the national righteousness, Ge Dongli finally decided to assist General fish Wu to save the prince.

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