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Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil

Alternate Titles: Pahan Kukat

Drama | Finnish | 105 minutes


Picture Tree International

Cast & Crew


Antti J. Jokinen


Markus Selin, Jukka Helle


Antti J. Antti J.


Viljami Nojonen, Eero Aho



With unrest long simmering below the surface in a majority immigrant Helsinki suburb, police brutality results in a father being hospitalised, the incident compounded by the authorities‘ mistakes and often unintentional overreactions. A typically long, hot Finnish summer explodes into riots and violence as frustration and despair fi nally boil over. Set against the run-up to this cataclysmic climax, half-brothers Sipe, 14, a good student but unwilling to accept life‘s restrictions and rules, and Juno, 26, hot tempered, prone to violence, a petty criminal, struggle for a better future, an end to their alienation and to fi nd new opportunities in life. Sipe, father Arttu and mother Laura want Juno to study, to work, to move out of the suburb and on in life. But for Juno it is already too little, too late. Having abandoned all hope, now completely estranged from society, he has made bad choices and travelled too far down the wrong road to turn back. The fuse is lit.

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