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Foreign Land

Foreign Land

Drama | English | 94 minutes


PFG Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Rafi Girgis


Rafi Girgis


Peter Allen, Rafi Girgis


Jeff Licon, Alex Frnka


Home has never seemed so far away…

On the eve of his high school prom, Alex is mistakenly arrested, and learns while in custody that he is actually an illegal immigrant, brought to the United States as an infant. Deported to a violent town across the Mexican border without due process of law, he struggles to get back to the USA, the only real home he knows.

A harrowing and timely drama from Egyptian-born filmmaker Rafi Girgis (Lost in the USA), FOREIGN LAND is the taut tale of a college-bound honor student caught in immigration limbo, on the wrong side of the fence. As his options to reunite with his family and continue his normal life in the US slip away, he becomes more and more desperate to stay sane in a world turned upside-down.

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