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Forgotten Christmas

Forgotten Christmas

Childrens, Family | Norwegian | 72 minutes


Sola Media

Cast & Crew


Andrea Eckerborn


Therese Bøhn, Catrin Gundersen, Martin Sundland


Harald Rosenløw Eeg, John Kåre Raake, Lars Gudmestad


Miriam Strand, Christian Skolmen, Trond Espen Seim


Elise (8 years) wakes up one morning with a strange feeling... there is something special about this day, but she can’t quite put her finger on it. Unsuccessfully, she tries to explain to her family and friends that this day is different from any other day. So Elise sets out on an incredible journey on her own and through new and unexpected friendships, she rediscovers the joy of Christmas. Now it’s up to her to make sure her whole village experiences a Christmas they will never forget. But the clock is ticking - will she make it before it’s too late?
Carpenter Andersen & Santa Claus are back, helping young Elise with her great mission - saving Christmas before it is too late.

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