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Freight Train: Slayer of Innocence

Freight Train: Slayer of Innocence

True Story | English | 43 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Jim Conover


Dave Barth, Brian Benassi, Terry Castleman, Steve Christopher



During the 1970's several young boys disappeared from State and County Fairs, FFA Fairs and carnivals throughout the Midwest and disappeared forever or were found murdered. In 1979, I, Jim Conover, headed up an investigation into these crimes. During our investigation, we discovered some 16 young boys were either murdered or disappeared in 7 states . We developed one suspect who was in almost every town at the time. William "Freight Train" Guatney was a hobo who traveled the country from coast to coast via freight trains following cattle shows, state fairs and other places that handled cattle. He cleaned stalls for cattle men. The Documentary "Freight Train" is about that investigation.

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