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Ghosts of the Void

Ghosts of the Void

Horror, Psycho-Drama, Thriller | English | 91 minutes


Entertainment Squad

Cast & Crew


Jason Miller


Seth Savoy, Mike Ware, Tony Kamin


Jason Miller


Michael Reagan, Tedra Millan, Carter Shimp, Nancy Wagner, Samuel Taylor, Matt Bowdren


Jen and Tyler have hit hard times. Evicted from their home, and with forty dollars to their name, they decide to spend the night in their car, finding a secluded park in what they believe to be a safe neighborhood. With a little rest, they will figure out a plan in the morning. But they will get no rest tonight. Behind Jen's back, Tyler is fighting off severe depression with the help of alcohol. Meanwhile, Jen, fighting exhaustion and anxiety, can't shake the feeling that someone is watching them. That paranoia is validated when they discover that someone has placed a tire boot on their car during their fleeting moments of sleep. As they catch glimpses of the masked strangers lurking in the woods around them, Jen's anxiety grows, as does Tyler's alcohol-induced rage. As they face off against these mysterious strangers, Jen and Tyler must also face each other, and the choices that has led them to this void of hopefulness.

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