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Girl You Know It's True

Girl You Know It's True

Biography | English | 120 minutes


Voltage Pictures

Cast & Crew


Simon Verhoeven


Quirin Berg


Simon Verhoeven


Tijan Njie, Elan Ben Ali, Matthias Schweighöfer, Graham Rogers


Produced by Wiedemann & Berg, the team behind the critically-acclaimed films WELCOME TO GERMANY and NIGHTLIFE, GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE is the incredible true story of the notorious 1990 lip-synching scandal involving dancers Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan and their meteoric rise to fame as Grammy Award-winning pop sensation Milli Vanilli. Orchestrated by uber music producer Frank Farian, the global superstars, at the height of their fame, reach number one around the world and win a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. But when the truth is finally exposed, that Rob and Fab are part of the biggest scam in music history, their fall from grace is as fast as their rise to fame.

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