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Guglhupfcake Squadron

Guglhupfcake Squadron

Comedy | German | 97 minutes


Picture Tree International

Cast & Crew


Ed Herzog


Kerstin Schmidbauer


Stefan Betz, Ed Herzog


Sebastian Bezzel, Simon Schwarz, Christine Rothe


This time, Bavaria’s most amiable village cop, Franz Eberhofer (Sebastian Bezzel), is faced not only with an unexpected addition to the family, but also with mafialike bill collectors who have no qualms about shooting up the delicious Guglhupf cake that Grandma Eberhofer (Enzi Fuchs) just took out of the oven. For Franz, this is where the fun stops! Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Niederkaltenkirchen all have lottery fever, with Franz’s buddy Flötzinger (Daniel Christensen) already fancying himself a millionaire. Unfortunately, Rudi’s (Simon Schwarz) new flame complicates everything and then the lottery store suddenly blows up. And what’s the deal with this Lotto-Otto guy (Johannes Berzl), who looks suspiciously like Franz himself? Once again, chaos has broken out in Niederkaltenkirchen and our favorite laid-back Lower Bavarian cop is going to have to solve the case before he can get back to the rest and relaxation he yearns for.

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