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Halloween Island

Halloween Island

: Hallowaiian: Adventure Hawaii,

Action/Adventure, Animation, Childrens, Family | English | 95 minutes


SC Films International

Cast & Crew


Sean Patrick O’Reilly


Erick Dickens, Page Feldman


David Swift, Stephen Meier, Scott Owen


Tia Carerre, Noah Schnapp, Mark Hamill


An island paradise is all fun and games until someone awakens the man-eating Pineapplehead! Family action adventure set on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

In the vein of The Goonies, E.T. and Jurassic Park, LEGEND OF HALLOWAIIAN follows three kids who must put their differences aside to save the island from a monster thought only to live in legends. Kai, Leilani, Eddie and the Menehune, Hawaii’s mischievous creatures, must band together to stop the monster they have mistakenly awoken. Facing great dangers along the way, the kids realize the true meaning of courage, friendship and tradition.

The voice cast stars Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things), Mark Hamill (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Hawaii Five-0 alumni Teilor Grubbs and Mark Dacascos, and Tia Carrere (Lilo & Stitch).

The film was directed by Sean Patrick O’Reilly at Arcana Studios whose most recent releases were Pixies and Howard Lovecraft. The screenplay was written by David Swift, Scott Owen and Stephen Meier.

Producers are Fresh Baked Films’ Erick Dickens and Scoutabout Entertainment’s Page Feldman. SC Films’ Simon Crowe is Executive Producer of the animation along with Matt Joynes and Chad Donvito.

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