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Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson

Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson

Romantic Comedy | English | 82 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Patrick Making, Céline Palavioux


Edyta Budnik, Zara Symes, Gary Heasman



Toby Simpson is not in control of his life. He has a bossy jealous girlfriend, a pushy father, and an idiot boss who insists he be ‘passionate’ about the soap he sells. On his birthday, after a particularly demoralising appraisal, Toby leaves work early to take his air-stewardess girlfriend to the airport. But when the train is cancelled, he is forced to board a bus filled with young people heading to the local music festival. And if there is one thing that Toby dislikes it is festival-goers: the public juggling, the tightrope-walking, the drug-taking, the ridiculous clothing, the smelly camping. Luckily, a girl sitting next to him (Renata) is so charming and interesting that she soon manages to turn his mood around. And so the adventure begins. Over the next two days, Toby and Renata experience the highs and lows of the festival as they search for the man with the purple hat. It is a journey not just of self-discovery, but of cracking music, ridiculous punch-ups, hash brownies, psychotic girlfriends, mad dancing, dreadful juggling, swimming in sewers, burning suits, wild food, Czech poetry, beautiful art, transcendent love, overwhelming happiness, and newfound freedom… all set to a fantastic indie soundtrack!

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