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Havana Kyrie

Havana Kyrie

Drama, Family, Musical | English, Italian, Spanish | 105 minutes


Vedado Films

Cast & Crew


Paolo Consorti


Gabriel Beristain


Alfredo Mazzara


Franco Nero, Ron Perlman, Jorge Perugorria, Jacqueline Arenal, Andros Perugorria,



Set in an ever marvellous Havana, Maestro Vittorio Arditi De Bellis, an ageing orchestra conductor not long ago celebrated as a master of Rossini, has fallen on hard times - mainly as a consequence of that rather large chip on his shoulder... And however masterful his renditions of the Rossini-Kyrie may be, he soon finds himself reluctantly on the way to Havana, Cuba, to conduct the Cuban National Children's Choir. His ego yet to wrangle - he starts on the wrong foot as expected and is quickly on the verge of losing everyone again...

Featuring the Litz Alfonso Dance Company Cuba, the Cuban National Children's Choir and Rossini's Cuban style; HAVANA KYRIE is a heart-warming tale of one old man's transformation from stale, to learning of a Son he never knew he'd fathered - to living, laughing, loving, and finding his passion again - as Vittorio's unexpected past adds new purpose to his present, allowing him to feel 'passion' and taste the 'spice of life' once again.

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