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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

Animation | English | 90 minutes


Celsius Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Gerald Conn


Gerald Conn


Gerald Conn


Michael Sheen, Matthew Rhys, James Norton, Julie Walters, Andrew Scott, Bill Nighy, Camille Cottin


Logline: World's first sand animated feature, based on the celebrated novel by Joseph Conrad. The novel Orson Welles had planned to shoot before CITIZEN KANE, and Francis Ford Coppola adapted into APOCALYPSE NOW.

Synopsis: A young sailor named Marlow travels to the Congo to take up a position as riverboat captain for an ivory-trading company. His first task is to follow the Congo River in search of the mysterious Mr Kurtz, an agent of the company who has gone rogue. On his way he and his crew encounter widespread inefficiency and brutality in the company’s stations, but this is nothing compared to what they find at Kurtz’s station: deep in the wilderness he has become the ruler of his own brutal kingdom, exerting power of life and death over his native subjects.

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