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Hi How Are You?

Hi How Are You?

Comedy, Drama, Science-Fiction | English, French | 96 minutes



Cast & Crew


Clemy Clarke


Clemy Clarke, C.C. Kellogg, Adèle de Fontbrune


Clemy Clarke, Farrell Huntley, Johan Ingler


Héloïse Giraud, Siavash Karampour, Anouchka Delon


"HI HOW ARE YOU?" unfolds through a web of video calls, weaving together the destinies of characters from across the world.

LOU (Héloïse Giraud), a struggling actress, finds herself at a crossroads when her agent YARA (Meital Peretz) drops her, and dismal reviews for her upcoming film loom on the horizon. She's also grappling with the distance from her family (Manuel Gélin and Anoucha Delon) and her former lover MANI (Slavish Karampour), who confesses over a video call that he still has feelings for her, despite being in a new relationship.

On the other side of the globe, enigmatic scientist DR. VOLF (Izzy Pollak) predicts an imminent asteroid strike, but his dire warnings fall on deaf ears until it’s too late. As meteorites begin to appear, Lou fights to salvage her relationships with her family and former lover. Little does she know that her connection with the world may be the key to Earth's salvation.

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