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Historias Invisibles

Historias Invisibles

Alternate Titles: Invisible Stories

Drama, Mystery, True Story | Spanish | 110 minutes


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Cast & Crew


Guillermo Navarro


Guillermo Navarro, Sofia Toro-Pollicino


Antonella Ferrari, Leonora Wexler, Pablo Pinto



“We do not always see what is in front of our eyes!”

The story takes place a few years ago in northern Argentina. Cecilia (16) is a rebellious teenager seduced by Sergio (26) and handed over to a couple of pimps who beat, drug and rape her until she finally assumes her new life as a prostitute. In the midst of her suffering, she develops an unusual friendship with Ringo, the brothel’s bodyguard.

Graciela is a middle-class housewife whose daughter Paula (18) is violently kidnapped by the same network that captured Cecilia. Cecilia’s father travels 2,000 kilometers to rescue his daughter while Graciela faces everything and everyone without being able to find Paula. Narrated through the eyes of a mother, a father and a teenager who face the world of human trafficking that yesterday they did not even know existed.

Writer-Director Guillermo Navarro wrote this story after investigating dozens of cases of forced prostitution in his native Argentina. The script won the award for best feature film screenplay at the “Latino Screenplay Competition” in Hollywood in 2022.

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