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Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller | Thai | 132 minutes


GDH 559 Company Limited

Cast & Crew


Parkpoom Wongpoom


Teeradon Supapunpinyo, Cherprang Areekul



A fantasy thriller from GDH inspired by an original novel by Eto MORI that will give you a new meaning of ‘HOMESTAY’.

You were granted a prize.” A mysterious man who calls himself, 'the Guardian', told me as we were standing on the outer wall of the hospital building that was turned sideways as if we were defying gravity.

Before I could take in what happened, the Guardian grabbed me by my collar, forcing me to listen to him explain about the prize that a stray soul like me was given. I was sent to live again in the body of a high school teenager named 'Min' who was lying dead in the morgue in this hospital. In fact, living in a new body is no different to living in a homestay. It’s temporary and not for free. Within 100 days, I have to find out who is responsible for Min’s death”. If I fail, I will die and leave this homestay for eternity.

Actually, I didn’t think I would enjoy living in this homestay this much. Having a new family and new friends doesn’t make my heart beat as fast as when I met 'Pi', Min’s tutoring peer. She is the one who makes me want to extend my stay in this body forever. But, just like time, life and love seem like prizes from heaven that are given to me only temporarily, I have to do whatever it takes to find the answer to the Guardian’s question before my time in this homestay runs out.

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