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Drama | Spanish | 90 minutes



Cast & Crew


Enrique Otero


Miguel Angel Tobias, Jose Ramon Garcia, Enrique Otero, Xacobe Sineiro


Enrique Otero


Nathalie Poza, Javier Gutierrez


Eva are Carlos have been unhappily married for as long as they can remember. Only Jonas, the son they once brought into the world, has kept them together.

But they’ve just found out that Jonas has been killed in a freak accident in the USA, thousands of miles from home. Now there’s nothing to keep them united, except the almost physical need to repatriate their son’s body.

But as well as being a couple on the verge of destruction, they are also kind of penniless. Let’s just say that paying for life insurance was never high on their list of priorities, but it turns out that repatriating a loved one costs an arm and a leg. With no way of bringing Jonas home, but also no intention of not doing so, Eva and Carlos set out on a desperate journey around the country, determined to do whatever it takes to raise the money they need to get their son’s body back and conscious that it’s the last thing they’ll ever do together.

But then, Sayaka, an eight-year-old Chinese girl makes a silent entrance into their lives.. although it’s also possible that they may have accidentally kidnapped her. Whatever the circumstances of her arrival, Sayaka will give the couple’s devastated hearts the drop of magic they need to turn their path of destruction into something similar to the hope of a new beginning. That is, as long as the police chief that’s on their tail doesn’t put the pieces of their bizarre story together first.

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