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Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Action/Adventure | English


Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


James Cullen Bressack


James Cullen Bressack, George Furla, Randall Emmett


Mel Gibson, Kevin Dillon, Sam Asghari


Wallace Reed (Mel Gibson), veteran bomb squad officer, rushes to a city park where a bomb has just exploded creating a mass panic. In a nearby building, Orlando Friar (Chad Michael Murray), a super-hacker turned IT support, receives a call. He is sitting on an explosive device, big enough to vaporize his whole office building, rigged underneath his desk chair. Standing up would trigger the bomb and the clock is ticking. Directed by a mysterious voice on the phone, Orlando is forced to hack into the hundreds of millions of dollars in hedge fund accounts which he is paid to protect. Reed is on scene and discovers the larger plot just before S.W.A.T. snipers and police, who believe Orlando is a domestic terrorist, stage a full assault on the building and Orlando. With bigger explosives hidden throughout the city putting millions of people at risk, Reed and Orlando must work together to outwit the evil plan and save the day.

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