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I Never Cry

I Never Cry

Comedy, Drama | Polish | 100 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Piotr Domalewski


Jan Kwiecinski


Kinga Preis, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Dawid Tulej



Small-town girl Ola (17) is an outspoken teenager with an ironclad character. She helps her mother take care of her disabled brother, while her father works on a construction site in Dublin. Ola resents him for not being home with them, he has almost become a stranger to her. However, he promised Ola a car for her 18th birthday. For the girl, the car is a big deal: it proves that her father remembers her, and what’s more, Ola wants to become a taxi driver to support her family. She’s a bit of a car nerd, yet keeps on failing her driving test. When her father dies in a tragic work accident, Ola has to go to Ireland alone to bring his body back to Poland. On arriving there, she realises the task isn’t that easy: her father was not supposed to be at the construction site at the time of the accident, so she won't receive any insurance money to pay for the transport of his body - nor for her car. Refusing to let things get to her, Ola is adamant she won’t be cheated out of her dream and delves into her father’s life in Ireland; perhaps he had some money saved after all. In order to receive information about his last months, she recklessly tears down doors, stealing documents from the hospital and insolently blackmailing a clerk at the employment agency. Ola discovers he had a lover, Sara, whom Ola locates and confronts. The woman is only a few years older than Ola, yet she is the key to her father. Ola realises how little she knew about him.
Despite the initial animosity, Ola and Sara eventually open up to one another. Sara reveals she does have the hard-earned money Ola’s father set aside for his daughter. Witnessing Sara’s dire circumstances, Ola decides to give up the car and let her keep it. Surely this is what her dad would have wanted. Ola hops on a bus back to Poland, smuggling the urn with her father’s ashes in her backpack. After the funeral service, she hijacks the hearse and drives the urn though town, taking her father on the one last trip they never got to go on together.

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