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I Want To Be Neenja! The Movie

I Want To Be Neenja! The Movie

Action/Adventure, Childrens, Comedy, Drama, Family | English | 120 minutes


GoGirl Worldwide


Based on the song that has become a global internet internet sensation with over 1 billion fans globally...

GoGirl is on a mission to spread smiles, but she is sabotaged left and right by Chow, a billionaire villain with stealthy ninja moves. GoGirl decides she must train with the best martial artists and experts in the world so that she has the moves and stamina to finally defeat Chow and save the day. Who will win?!! GoGirl or Chow?

New Superheros, New Villians, New Characters, Original Stories and Plots. More than a movie... it's a Multi-Media Franchise!

Refreshing Old School Humor. Unapologetic Comedy.

Kid friendly entertainment for all ages and especially popular in the gaming community.

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