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Inhuman Kiss 2

Inhuman Kiss 2

Horror | Thai | 120 minutes


Neramitnung Film

Cast & Crew


Papahangkorn Punchantarak


Papahangkorn Punchantarak


Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram, Chanya McClory


After losing a loved one, Noi lives alone with his cheerful daughter Sao. The girl receives the Krasue *** line from Noi's blood because, in the past, he was in love with Sai, the Krasue who was hunted and killed by the Krasue hunters. Noi keeps feeding Sao Wan Krasue, the mysterious herb to imprison Krasue hidden inside Sao's body.

Noi and Sao later move into the house arranged by Augustin, the priest. At the church, Sao meets Cloud, the boy at her age, who has the albino syndrome. Cloud has a secret known only by Anan, his semi-brother, and Augustin; he has a power that can heal any living thing from pain. However, Anan tells Cloud not to reveal his secret to anyone for his safety.

The more Sao and Cloud spend time together, the faster their friendship grows. They both reveal what they feel inside each other, especially the loneliness they bear. Until one day, Noi moves into the town. Sao departs from Cloud unavoidably. Before leaving, Sao gives Cloud her favorite mouth organ as a gift. Cloud blows it without knowing that the germ in Sao's saliva enters his body.

Nineteen years later, Sao becomes a beautiful girl in the daytime and becomes a ferocious Krasue at night. Even though Noi tries to stop her from leaving home when she becomes Krasue, he fails. He decides to bring Sao back to the church to be cured by Augustin. It's the first time in many years that Sao meets Cloud. Their relationship resumes.

In the meantime, Pan, who is the Krasue hunter, is hired by Dan, the creature collector, to search for Sao and catch her alive. Sao has no choice but to fight back to protect herself and her loved ones, Noi and Cloud.

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