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Ip Man: Kung Fu Legend

Ip Man: Kung Fu Legend

Action/Adventure, Martial Arts | English | 90 minutes


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Following the events of IP MAN: KUNG FU

MASTER, Ip Man relocates to Hong Kong

with his family, where he opens a martial arts

school after proving his worth to local Kung

Fu masters, including Master Hung, the head

of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association.

One day, Ip comes to the rescue of a group

of refugees, giving them a place to stay at his

friend Chui’s cotton factory.

But soon he must contend with the Black Tiger

Gang and its dangerous leader Lui, hired by

corrupt British businessman Parker, who aims

to expropriate Chui.

Ip Man fends them off successfully at first, but

matters take a deadly turn when Master Hung

is murdered in mysterious circumstances, and

Ip is framed for his murder and incarcerated

by Police Captain Mui Li. Ip Man must prove

his innocence, survive the attacks of the Black

Tiger Gang, and save the lives of the refugees

as well as his friend’s factory.

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