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Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim

Drama, Thriller, True Story | Tamil | 164 minutes


Indywood Distribution Network

Cast & Crew


T,N Gnanavel





The plot revolves around Rajakannu and Sengani , a couple who live at Konamalai near Viluppuram. They belong to the Irregular tribe, and despite their poverty — they still cannot afford a brick house — they are contented and happy. especially with their daughter Alli going to school and a second child on its way. But their happiness is dashed when cops come in search of Rajakannu over a robbery. The poor man has become the main suspect just because he happened to be the one who had visited the house where the robbery happened that day to catch a snake. Unable to find him, the police pick up the pregnant Sengani and a few other men from the tribe, including Rajakannu's brother Irutappan. Sengani is later let go - not before being beaten and kicked multiple times - but for Rajakannu and a couple of others, there is no respite from the harrowing violence unleashed upon by the men in khakhi. When Sengani hears that the three men have escaped and their whereabouts unknown, she reached out to Chandru, a righteous lawyer who fights for the downtrodden. But can they uncover the truth with an entire system standing against them?

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