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Just One Small Favor

Just One Small Favor

Alternate Titles: EL FAVOR

Comedy | Spanish | 100 minutes



Cast & Crew


Juana Macías


- -


Cristobal Garrido, Alfonso Valor


Alfonso Bassave, Inma Cuesta, Gonzalo de Castro, Diego Martín


The Gallardos are a rich, well-respected family, who spend their summers in a beautiful country house, which is taken meticulous care of by Amparito. Dearly loved by the family's three children, Teresa, Benja and Aura, Amparito, known to them as Nanny, has been like a second mother to them.

When they receive the sad news of her death, the three siblings travel to the village to say their last goodbyes and see Tomás, the deceased's only son. What they weren't expecting is that Amparito's dying wish was to be buried in the family cemetery. The Gallardos are clear: there's no way!

After refusing to do this favor, they receive an inheritance from Amparito... Some letters in which, far from giving them a sweet goodbye, she gets even, revealing skeletons in closets and hurtful truths that will turn their lives upside down. What the hell was Nanny thinking?!

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