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Justin Case

Justin Case

Comedy, Drama | English | 60 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions


Logline: Wondering if a lawyer is right for you? Call this guy...JUSTIN CASE.

Justin Case is a lawyer for the people. A lawyer seeking justice. A lawyer of integrity. A lawyer who cares… most of the time. It’s just too bad he has very little knowledge of THE LAW. This working class lawyer from a working class neighborhood and a questionable past, stumbles upon some newsworthy, high profile cases in the hopes to prove he has what it takes in the courtroom. Mis-step after mis-step, he happens upon evidence, flounders through his cases, falters at every turn, but somehow, manages to find the truth and seek the justice his clients deserve…most of

Material Available: Concept Pilot Script, Series Outline, One Sheet

Current Status:
* Financing / Co-Production / Broadcast Deal Needed for Series

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