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Kingdom of Judas

Kingdom of Judas

Drama | English | 94 minutes


Creative Romanian Film Makers

Cast & Crew


Sabina Lisievici


Sabina Lisievici


Bianca Gliga


Oltin Hurezeanu, Oana Carmaciu



After her sister's tragic suicide, Anna is determined to uncover the truth about what led to her sibling's death. In her pursuit of answers, she creates an intricate plan involving her sister's five artist contacts, placing them in a celebrity rehabilitation center. As she pushes them to confront their past actions and take responsibility for their mistakes, Anna starts to uncover hidden truths related to her sister's passing. Along the way, she realizes that the answers she seeks may be closer to her own life than she ever imagined. As the story unfolds, the shocking revelations and consequences of Anna's actions force her to confront a painful reality she has been desperately trying to avoid. Will Anna's relentless search for the truth save her or break her? Get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions as she faces her deepest fears and uncovers shocking secrets.

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