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La Pietà

La Pietà

Alternate Titles: La Piedad

Black Comedy, Drama, Suspense | Spanish | 84 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Eduardo Casanova


Manel Llunell, Ana Polvorosa, María León, Macarena Gómez, Daniel Freire



Lili and Mateo are mother and son who have a profound relationship of mutual dependence. The indulge in their suffocating reality until one of them is diagnosed with a fatal illness. The mere idea of separation causes them to develop their darkest and most toxic version of themselves.

"La Pietà" is about power, and submission then to the extreme; about the capacity and need human begins have to control their own creation, other people, and even an entire country. A universal story about how to separate ourselves from our roots: abandoning everything to evolve or to save ourselves, even knowing that the darkest part of us we leave behind stays with us, in our DNA.

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