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Documentary | English | 100 minutes


Altitude Film Sales

Cast & Crew


David Fairhead, Anthony Palmer


Gareth Dodds, Trevor Beattie, Jeremy Chatterton, Steve Milne, Keith Haviland, David Fairhead, Anthony Palmer


Winning a war is not easy. LANCASTER tells the story of the iconic WW2 bomber, through the words of the last surviving veterans. Starting with ‘The Blitz’, we follow our 38 contributors as they join-up, learn to fly and go to war. With the enemy strong and RAF Bomber Command badly equipped, losses were high. But eventually, the tide turned with the introduction of the ‘Lanc’. Designed to take the war to the enemy - and to win it – the Lancaster was both loved and feared.

From the firestorms of Hamburg, through the famous Dambuster raids and the still-controversial bombing of Dresden, emotional testimonies tell of courage, fear, friendship and moral ambiguity. For there was a deadly price to be paid in the lethal night skies over Germany - 55,000 aircrew and 600,000 civilians were killed. Such was the cost of defeating the Nazis and restoring peace to Europe.

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