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Lassie - A New Adventure

Lassie - A New Adventure

Alternate Titles: Lassie - Ein neues Abenteuer

Family | English, German | 90 minutes


Global Screen

Cast & Crew


Hanno Olderdissen


Henning Ferber


Andreas Cordes


Nico Marischka, Anna Lucia Gualano, Pelle Staacken, Katharina Schüttler, Dennis Mojen


The most famous Collie dog Lassie is on a rescue mission with her best friend Flo and their new friends Henri, Kleo and little Pippa, a Jack Russell Terrier. This time round, Lassie's detective skills are particularly called upon to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearances of several pedigree dogs.

It's the summer holidays! But this year, Flo doesn't want to be separated from his beloved Lassie: instead of spending the holidays on Gran Canaria with his parents, the two unlikely friends are taken by Gerhard, a friend of the family, to the farm of Flo’s aunt Cosima in South Tyrol, who lives there with her Jack Russell Terrier Pippa and her new foster children Kleo and Henri. When Flo, Kleo and Henri hear about disappearing dogs in the village, they are alarmed and really worried about losing sight of Lassie and Pippa. Shortly afterwards, there is a break-in at aunt Cosima's house and Pippa gets stolen! Together with Lassie, the three friends set out to catch the thieves and rescue Pippa...

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