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Last Man Club

Last Man Club

Drama, Family, Road Movie | English | 95 minutes


Adler & Associates Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Bo Brinkman


Bo Brinkman, Mike Parrish, Cowden Ward, Linda Pandolph, Ken Schwenker


Bo Brinkman


Kate French, James MacKrell, W. Morgan Sheppard, Michael Massee, Barry Corbin, Richard Riehle, Jason Douglas, Blaze Tucker, Corbett Tuck, Gianni Capaldi, Jake Busey, William McNamara, Amy K Raymond, Steve Wilder, Michael Madsen, Rhea Bailey



"Last Man Club" is a heartwarming, road trip adventure of four military veterans facing their later years. Stuck in a VA Hospital, Pete (Barry Corbin) asks a kind nurse to track down Eagle (Jim Mackrell), the Captain of his B-17 crew during World War II. Housebound at his son’s (Michael Massee) and facing the purgatory of a nursing home, Eagle gets a letter from Pete and embarks on a cross-country trip to reach him. His plan? Get the rest of their B-17 crew and complete one final mission! As his journey begins, Eagle encounters Romy (Kate French), a beautiful spunky woman on the run from a gangster. With Romy at the wheel, they track down Will (Morgan Sheppard), a war hero living in a broken down trailer -- and then discover their bombardier, Grady (Richard Riehle) at a rest home. With the police, the mob and the FBI now all chasing them, it’s a race to fulfill what might be their last great adventure!

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