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Last Moment of Clarity

Last Moment of Clarity

Psycho-Drama, Thriller |


Fortitude International

Cast & Crew


Colin Krisel, James Krisel


Andrew Levitas, Stephn Israel


Colin Krisel


Samara Weaving, Brian Cox, Udo Kler, Zach Avery


Haunted by fragmented memories of his murdered fiancé, New Yorker SAM PIVNIC (Avery) lives a meager existence in Paris, trying to forget he’s possibly involved in her death. But when he sees an actress, LAUREN CLERK (Weaving), onscreen who looks just like his deceased love, Sam throws caution to the wind and travels to Los Angeles to find her. Is he a stalker? Or is she his one?

Sam is determined to solve the mystery of Lauren's origin - but his determination soon veers into an obsession. He’s convinced of her identity, but finding the real truth leads to the unraveling of the mystery of why his fiancé was murdered - endangering everyone involved as they must face who they really are.

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