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Lez Bomb

Lez Bomb

Comedy | English | 90 minutes


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Cast & Crew


Jenna Laurenzo


Ryan R. Johnson, Jenna Laurenzo, Rob Moran, Martin Sprock


Jenna Laurenzo


Jenna Laurenzo, Bruce Dern, Brandon Michael Hall, Steve Guttenberg, Elaine Hendrix, Deirdre O'Connell, Bruce Dern, Kevin Pollak, Cloris Leachman


Going home for the holidays is always an adventure, especially if you’re bringing your significant other to meet the family! For Lauren, not only is she bringing home her sweetheart for Thanksgiving, she is also using this holiday to come out of the closet and drop the “Lez Bomb”. Little does she know, that her eccentric extended family have their own stirring surprises. The result is a hilarious series of events, a comedy of errors, forcing the family to come together in what will amount to a very unceremonious holiday. As it turns out, there just is no good time to drop the “Lez Bomb”. Starring Oscar® winner Cloris Leachman, Oscar® nominee Bruce Dern, Emmy® winner Kevin Kane, and an ensemble cast that includes Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Pollak, Elaine Hendrix, Rob Moran, Brandon Micheal Hall and more.

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