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Little People, Big Era

Little People, Big Era

Drama, True Story | Chinese | 94 minutes


East to West Casting LLC

Cast & Crew


Alan Zhang


Naichang Ren


Alan Zhang


Fang Qi, Junpeng Huang, Yuxi Jian, Ruijia Zhang



"Little People Big Era" is a captivating social drama that explores the

complexities of family, love, and career against the backdrop of China's rapid

development over the past decade. The story revolves around Anna, a resilient

woman from a small fishing village who embarks on a journey to seek financial

security and wealth in Guangdong province.

The narrative begins with a tragic twist as Anna learns about her estranged

husband's untimely demise due to an arduous illness he contracted while working

tirelessly to support their family. Left behind is his orphaned son, Yang, whom

Anna must now care for alone. Struggling with guilt and conflicted emotions, she

finds it difficult to face her past mistakes.

Having already left her son, An FangXi, in the care of her mother while

pursuing success in Shenzen years ago, Anna now faces another heart-wrenching

decision. She contemplates leaving Yang behind once again as she believes it would

provide her with better opportunities if he were raised by his grandmother.

Amidst this turmoil, Anna there is a love story with Zhao Qing - an affluent

older man who has recently separated from his wife. Despite their age difference

and Zhao Qing's daughter's initial disdain towards Anna due to misunderstandings

about her intentions, love blossoms between them.

However, burdened by guilt and afraid that revealing her true circumstances

will jeopardize their relationship before it even begins; Anna keeps both hermarital status and the existence of her sons hidden from Zhao Qing. Yet deep

down inside she yearns for acceptance - longing for someone who will embrace

not only her present but also accept all aspects of her past.

As the story unfolds against China's rapidly changing landscape over eleven

years - marked by economic growth and societal transformations - "Little

People Big Era" delves into themes such as sacrifice, forgiveness,and redemption.

It explores how individuals navigate through personal dilemmas while striving

for love, happiness, and a better future.

Will Anna find the strength to confront her past and make amends with

her sons? Can she trust Zhao Qing's words about accepting one's past? And

ultimately, will love conquer all obstacles in their path?

"Little People. Big Era" is an emotionally charged tale that highlights the

resilience of the human spirit and reminds us that our past does not define

our future. It explores the power of forgiveness, self-discovery, and the

importance of embracing both our triumphs and mistakes as we weave

together the threads of our own destiny.

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