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Liz in September

Liz in September

Drama | Spanish | 100 minutes


Cinema Management Group

Cast & Crew


Fina Torres


Judy Miller, Fina Torres, Laura Oramas


Fina Torres


Patricia Velasquez, Eloisa Maturen


Liz has known several things since she was a child: that she is gay, that beauty is power, and that she would never be a victim. Determined to enjoy the time she still has left on earth, she hides her terminal disease from her friends.
Eva lost her son to cancer. The pain and guilt she feels has tarnished the relationship with her husband, sinking both into isolation. Heading alone on her vacation, Eva’s car breaks down leaving her stranded on the road. She ends up at Margot’s Inn where she meets Liz and her group of all gay friends. Liz makes a bet that she can seduce the straight newcomer. Against all odds, the encounter between these two opposite women changes their lives, setting new perspectives where love, life, and death, away from any morals, play as simple steps of nature.

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