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London Calling

London Calling

Action/Adventure, Comedy | English


Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


Allan Ungar, Nathan Klingher, Mark Fasano


Omer Levin Menekse, Quinn Wolfe


Josh Duhamel, Rick Hoffman, Aidan Gillen, Jeremy Ray Taylor


After mistakenly killing the cousin of London’s biggest crime boss Darby (Aidan Gillen), mediocre hitman Tommy Ward (Josh Duhamel) goes on the run and is stuck in LA. To get back to his son on the other side of the pond, Tommy makes a deal with his new employer (Rick Hoffman): teach his socially awkward teenage son Julian (Jeremy Ray Taylor) to be a man, in exchange for safe passage. Tommy is now forced to drag Julian, afraid of his own shadow, along on his latest contract killing of a renowned assassin. What starts off as a simple ride-along descends into utter mayhem as gunfights, car chases, and explosions all unfold around them. But amidst the chaos, this down-on-his-luck contract killer and his insecure protégé become each other’s lifelines.

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