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Loop Track

Loop Track

Thriller | English | 96 minutes


MPI Media Group

Cast & Crew


Thomas Sainsbury


Hayden J. Weal, Kate Simmonds, Tawanda Maniyomo


Seeking peace and quiet, highly anxious Ian sets off on a multi-day hike through the New Zealand bush. His solitude is interrupted by other exuberant hikers - Nicky, Monica, and Austin - as well as his overactive mind. As the walkers head deeper into the wilderness, Ian becomes convinced that someone, or something, is following them through the trees. This presence reveals itself when the hikers are at their most isolated, plunging the party into a bloody fight for survival.

Deceptively clever, with a WTF? ending you’re guaranteed not to see coming, LOOP TRACK masterfully ratchets up the tension and suspense amongst ostensible strangers stuck in the woods together before blowing the lid off with a terrifying danger that defies any and all expectations.

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