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Love Is All You Need?

Love Is All You Need?

Drama | English | 121 minutes


American Cinema International

Cast & Crew


Kim Shields


Kim Shields, Michael Zampino


David Tillman, Kim Shields


Tyler Blackburn, Kyla Kenedy, Emily Osment



A straight love story in a gay world.

Love Is All You Need? is a football love story set in a world where the social norm is reversed: homosexuality is mainstream and heterosexuality is taboo. Although the norms are reversed, this film is inspired by true events. The story unfolds in a small Indiana town that is rocked to its core when Jude, (Briana Evigan) the star quarterback of the local university strikes up a forbidden love affair with a Ryan, (Tyler Blackburn) a sports journalism major.

When the couple is outed by Jude’s girlfriend (Emily Osment) the community’s powerful religious leader (Elisabeth Röhm) begins a vitriolic crusade from the pulpit against all heterosexuals setting off a series of catastrophic events in the lives of an 11 year old girl (Kyla Kennedy), experiencing her first crush on a boy and a teacher (Jeremy Sisto) who tries to teach his students about tolerance.

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