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Love, Sex and Pandemic

Love, Sex and Pandemic

Drama, Romance | Polish | 114 minutes



Cast & Crew


Patryk Vega


Patryk Vega


Patryk Vega, Olaf Olszewski


Anna Mucha, Zofia Zborowska, Sebastian Dela



The film tells the story of the loneliness epidemic we are experiencing. Today, despite having easier than ever access to sex we have greater problems with building close relationships and loving other people. Love, Sex and Pandemic is about four relationships between people. We follow the lives of three women and a young man who are sexually liberated and treat monogamy lightly. When the coronavirus pandemic begins, the protagonists are faced with the opportunity of setting their lives straight. They realise that they had not been aware of the illness of their souls they had been suffering from. The spectre of pandemic which is a bodily illness becomes a chance to change their approach to life. We are presented with four different attitudes and we learn whether and how four different people take advantage of the window of opportunity that opens up during this special time. Three of the protagonists fail in their attempt at changing. Only one comes out victorious out of the battle.

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