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Mad About The Boy: The Noel Coward Story

Mad About The Boy: The Noel Coward Story

Documentary | English | 95 minutes


Altitude Film Sales

Cast & Crew


Barnaby Thompson


Barnaby Thompson, Gregor Cameron


Rupert Everett, Alan Cumming


Noel Coward was one of the most important figures of the 20th Century.

He was not only a great playwright, but also one of the best songwriters, directors and performers.

Noel Coward’s triumphs across theatre, film and music mark him out as one of only a handful of artists whose mastery has moulded the spirit of a nation.

And yet he grew up poor, left school when he was only NINE and was full of contradictions - he was a sex symbol who was gay, a rebel who was also a patriot, his plays were set in glamorous drawing rooms while he lived in the smallest room in his mother’s boarding house.

He was a true star, who had a style and character that personified the very idea of Englishness. And yet he ended his life in exile from the country he came to define. He was an extraordinary man that led an extraordinary life.

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