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Madison - A Fast Friendship

Madison - A Fast Friendship

Family | German | 90 minutes


ARRI Media International

Cast & Crew


Kim Strobl


Danny Krausz


Kim Strobl, Milan Dor


Felice Ahrens, Florian Lukas, Maxi Warwel, Valentin Schreyer, Emilia Warenski



At the center of the family story is 13-year-old protagonist Madison, for whom cycle racing me-ans just everything! She gives her all to emulate her cool and successful cycle-pro father. But when the talented and ambitious young racer has to unwillingly swap saddles for a mountain bike things go haywire.• For Madison the world is best when it‘s spinning fast - to be exact the two wheels of her racing cycle spinning as fast as they can go. Since she could think she wanted to be the fastest, the best - and the girl gives her all for it: training till exhaustion, going without free time and friends. Her father sets the pace: Timo is a celebrated cycle-pro who wants nothing more than his daughter to follow in his footsteps. But when she makes a stupid mistake at training camp and is thrown off the national team the girl hides out at her mother‘s, who just happens to be vacationing in the Tyrol. For the first time she can enjoy all her freedoms without pressure and ambition. Madison finds herself surprised that even easygoing downhill riding with the boys and girls from the small mountain village is such fun! Can she find her own way away from cycle racing, the path that was predetermined for her? It‘s the start of a big and exciting adventure...

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