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Marriage Material

Marriage Material

Comedy, Romantic Comedy | English | 90 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Ann Deborah Fishman


Ann Deborah Fishman


Ann Deborah Fishman


Victoria Jackson, Maddy Curley, Avery Sommers



Iris Carsen runs a consignment shop in West Palm Beach, resurrecting, and surviving off of, the gowns and treasures shed away by the uber wealthy Palm Beach ladies from across the bridge. Her primary goal in life is to see her daughter, Molly, marry into the lifestyle their lives depend on, a value she’s nurtured in Molly since infancy. Molly wants to comply, until she falls in love with Ryan, a sexy, but starving, musician now, she’s torn between love, and her mother’s expectations.

When she discovers a bottle of prescription pain killers in his car, Molly unwittingly finds the perfect excuse to keep Ryan at a distance. He agrees to check into rehab to save their relationship, even though he really doesn’t have a drug problem. Then, a visiting day surprise from a young temptress, smacks Molly into romantic limbo.

Her high school boyfriend, Jeremy Wall, a rich Palm Beach boy coasting through life on his father’s success, quickly pounces on Molly’s availability. Realizing an opportunity to add Molly to his assets, Jeremy proposes. To celebrate, his parents throw an elaborate engagement party, the only problem is the musical entertainment at the party is Ryan, courtesy of Jeremy’s own meddling mother.

In the meantime, Iris and her neighbor, Stu, have fallen in love, and into denial, because: he’s not rich. In fact, Iris is scheming to marry prominent billionaire, Preston Sterling, a man she met through her special “system” of tracking and stalking the wealthy men of Palm Beach.

The twisted, spiraling, romantic, materialistic tension explodes at the engagement party. Molly is humiliated, and Iris is defeated, but when the dust finally settles, they both realize perfection.

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