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Monk Arsenije

Monk Arsenije

Documentary | Serbian | 52 minutes


Screenbound International Pictures

Cast & Crew


Svetlana Cemin



Monk Arsenije, once a Belgradian cult figure from the ’80s who has been living as a monk for the past 30 years, is engaged in restoring and creating a spiritual and cultural center in the Monastery of Ribnica. As we listen to him answer questions on faith and finding love for God, we also discover his artistic creativity. Through Arsenije’s meditative and artistic process, his journey towards Orthodoxy and his complete dedication to spiritual life unravels, bringing us back to his years as a young man in New York. This intimate portrait of a modern and unconventional monk with a higher cause is accompanied by the unparalleled beauty of the landscapes that surround the Monastery of Ribnica, Serbia.

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