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Moonrise Over Egypt

Moonrise Over Egypt

| English | 107 minutes


House of Film

Cast & Crew


Pandu Adi Putra


Reza Anugrah, James Dixon, Drh Ganda



This fascinating espionage/ spy story introduces to us a slice of history that most of us are unaware of.

In April 1947, the newborn Indonesia sent their very first delegation to Cairo, Egypt to carry out a significant mission: to gain the Egyptian government's recognition for Indonesia's sovereignty and independence. The delegates were initially unaware that they had gotten in over their heads, mired in a complex scheme of political calamities as the Dutch Ambassador was doing whatever it took to thwart the mission, knowing very well that the recognition of the newly established state of Indonesia by another country would prevent the Dutch to colonialize the country once more.

What promised to be an ordinary diplomatic activity turns out to be a highly dangerous journey to kidnapping, bribery, espionage and even murder.

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