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Moscow Days, LA Nights

Moscow Days, LA Nights

Thriller | English | 89 minutes


Shoreline Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Rodion Nahapetov


Rodion Nahapetov


Rodion Nahapetov


Sean Young, Rodion Nahapetov


An action-packed detective drama that follows RACHEL (Sean Young), a beautiful tango dancer with a secret, who marries ANDREI (Rodion Nahapetov), a Russian investigator.

Prior to his depature from Moscow, Andrei, becomes embroiled in unexpected events, including the violent murder of his closest friend and the chief of the Russian police. He finally arrives in the City of Angels, only to encourter a kaliedoscope of new adventures and struggles. He stumbles upon a diamond smuggling operation, quickly realizing that life in America is not what he had hoped.

To make matters worse, the owner of the popular Tango Club where his wife works is found murdered. During the investigation, many secrets are uncovered about Rachel, who has beeen less than honest with her husband. Again, Andrei becomes involved in a life-and-death struggle to save his beloved wife, as well as to fight for his own survival.

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