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Mythica Part 6: Stormbound

Mythica Part 6: Stormbound

Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Science-Fiction | English


Candlelight Media Group

Cast & Crew


Jake Stormoen


Nicola Posener


Will Kemp, Matthew Mercer


Our story in Mythica: Stormbound is set in the broken world that our heroes inherited at the end of the fifth film. Several years have now passed since the selfless heroism of Marek and the Redthorns saved the world. The Necromancer Szorlok was defeated, but the price of victory was high: the gods were slain, the population decimated, the country left in ruins, and, most memorable and heart-rending of all, some of the Redthorns sacrificed their lives in order to triumph over evil. It’s out of those ashes that our new story is born... A growing threat. The heirs to a legacy of evil coming into their own. And most importantly, unlikely heroes, both old and new, fated to rise from the ruins and face them.

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