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Never Blink

Never Blink

Horror | English | 120 minutes


Spooked Productions

Cast & Crew


Philip Adrian Booth, Christopher Saint Booth


Christopher Saint Booth, Ami Orava


Tatjana Marjanovic, Marcus Jean Pirae,



Five medical students discover a way to capture what you can’t see when you blink and the results are terrifying. A frightening journey into the macabre world that will make you NEVER BLINK again. In a blink of an eye, you will die! Everyone blinks, We lose an average of 48 minutes per day to total darkness. What if we could "see" what we are missing? We're about to find out! Just as “Jaws” left people terrified to go into the water or the movie "Smile" afraid to smile, this film will scare audiences to "Never Blink".

The Booth Brothers present an intense story driven, fear-provoking horror, thriller with intense visuals and gory practical special effects. Never Blink is the first peek into the macabre world of "What you can't see when you blink." Domestic and foreign rights available. Screeners available upon request. For licensing and media requests, please email

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