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Not In My Backyard

Not In My Backyard

Action/Adventure, Drama, Thriller | English | 60 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions


This Eco Crusader TV Pilot follows the journey of Maggie, one woman on a quest to educate and inspire environmental awareness. Although she has an enormous support system of family and friends that assist in her journey, she is met with resistance and obstacles throughout her travels all over the world. While based on real stories and situations from headlines across international borders, it is a fictional show.

Conspiracy subplots. Dangerous unsavory characters. Amazing worldwide locations. This pilot will leave the viewer not only wanting more out of the story lines and characters but will motivate them to learn more and speak out on environmental issues that shape the very fabric of our society today and for the future.

Material Available: One Sheet, Poster, Series Outline

Current Status:
* Financing / Co-Production / Broadcast Deal Needed for Series
** Early Development

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